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> Community Testers wanted again for the NEW products

Community Testers wanted again for the NEW products

Due to the great success of our co-operation with the gaming community on the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel we are happy to announce that we are now inviting testers for the upcoming racing products from Fanatec:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera Wheel for PC
  • Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel for Xbox360
  • High-End Clubsport pedals for Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel
  • RennSport Wheel Stand for all Porsche Wheels
  • RennSport Cockpit for all Porsche Wheels
  • Clubsport Table clamp for all Porsche Wheels 

To register for the test all members of the Porsche 911 Wheel Club have to fill out the "Test Registration" form.

If you are not a member yet you have to register to this website first.

Please fill out as much as you can. We will use this data not for marketing purposes or even sell the data but we need to have enough information to make a fair selection.

The tests will take several months and we will not start with all products at the same time so even if you not have been selected for one product you still have a chance to get selected for the next round.

I am looking forward to work with the community again on our new productsand I am confident that we all get great results again.

You have made the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel the best wheel for the mass market out there and now let's make more great products together.  



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Hy, ich würde mich freuen


ich würde mich freuen wenn ich testen dürfte.

CPU: Core2Quad CPU6600 @ 2.40GHz
GPU: 2 x Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT ( SLI )
PhysX: Ageia PhysX Prozessor 100 Series
OS: Windows Vista Home 32-bit SP1 / Windows XP Professionell 32-bit SP2
SOUND: Plantronics USB 5.1 Surround Sound
MONITOR: 32" @ 1280x786

Racing Games:
Nascar 2003 (inkl. TCTPP- und TransAm-Mod )
Sprint Cars
Need For Speed Most Wanted
GTR Evolution
Midnight Club

Hi Thomas, I am in high

Hi Thomas, I am in high hopes for this wheel, espcially being a Porsche fanatic. I have tried wheels previously, a Ferrari wheel on Xbox, and the Microsft wheel on Xbox 360, and being dissapointed by their lack of features.

I have ordered the 'Clubsport 911 Turbo S Wheel' and the 'Rennsport Stand'. I play Forza Motorsport 2 and PGR4 a little on Xbox 360 which I will try the wheel with, but I am mostly looking forward to using the wheel with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on my PS3, and RacePro on the X360 when its released.

I'm also interested by the Rennsport Wheelstand, as it seems very useful. I ordered it as I don't have the space for a chair/cockpit and like the way the stand folds away for easier storage. The metal pedals are also a must for me due to their high-quality.

Thanks, Clark Duffy.

P.S. thanks to Boris Reither for sorting out my account registration

Hallo Thomas, würde mich

Hallo Thomas,

würde mich gerne auch als Beta-Tester für das Turbo S Wheel bewerben. Ich bin Mitorganisator des "X30 SuperCups", einer Rennserie der Community, die bisher auf XBOX360 mit Forza2 und zukünftig RacePro fahren wird. Auf dem PC spiele ich gerne GTR Evolution/Race 07 sowie rFactor, deshalb suche ich schon seit langem ein Lenkrad, das ich mit beiden Plattformen nutzen kann. Momentan habe ich für die XBOX das MS Racing Wheel und für den PC das Logitech Momo.



Gingecupra's picture

Hi Thomas. I too like

Hi Thomas. I too like Jonboy1066 have signed up to hopefully become a Beta tested. I am very excited to see that Fanatec are designing and producing a wheel for the 360 that will give us fanatical motorsport fans a taste of much greater realism with our driving simulation and its also great to see you guys are making it multi compatible on all platforms.
I personally will follow any top quality driving game to any platform so your racing products are perfect for this. At this time I mainly play Forza2 and as Jonboy has mentioned we run/organise weekly league racing. We are eagerly awaiting the release of RacePro and I am also on the verge of purchasing a PS3 and Ferrari Challenge. Although I am over 30 now in age, lol I have this childish excited buzz about me concerning the launch of the 911 wheel and RacePro.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to hopefully being a part of the realism revolution!!!


Lee. The friendliest UK Online Racing Clan.

Online Racing is what its all about!!!

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I would love to test the 911

I would love to test the 911 wheel on GTR2, GTRE, GT5P, Forza 2, Race Pro, rFactor, LFS etc etc. Just curious, is the 911 Turbo wheel compatible with the PC and PS3? I hope I can be a valuable part of the testing process.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

hi all Is there still a beta

hi all
Is there still a beta test going on? or is the final product stage arrived ?

Hallo Thomas, ich hab das

Hallo Thomas,

ich hab das Porsche 911 Turbo-Lenkrad aus de 1. Produktionsserie und benutze es für GT Prologue auf der PS3 und bin sehr zufrieden.

Gerne würde ich ihre neuen Produkte testen.
Die Metall-Pedalerie würde ich gerne mal ausprobieren.


matio612's picture

I'd be volunteering for beta

I'd be volunteering for beta tests as well ;)

I love car games, gaming on

I love car games, gaming on PS3 and the Xbox, Gt5p, forza and the new pro race for the ps3 have the G25 and was with intent to sell to buy this wheel, but wanted to try first. The pc game GTR, LFS and Rfacor

Required, and a good job with the new wheel

Duffman's picture

Never mind, just placed my

Never mind, just placed my order ;)

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Thomas I want to order the

Thomas I want to order the Clubsport edition wheel asap & am on the webshop page now but am I eligible for a discount for getting one early? Just jonboy mentioned he got a 100 euro discount for getting his order in already...this still available?

jonboy1066's picture

I've signed up for the

I've signed up for the chance to be a tester of the 911 S wheel, I've already ordered a wheel for myself but would love the chance to test the wheel out and possibly give good feedback to aid it's smooth release. I love racing games and have been organising online league races for 3 years with UKOG. I have a PS3 and XBox360 and enjoy racing with Forza 2 and Ferrari Challenge, here's a sample of how close our recent Porsche carrera Cup racing can get, I'm in the "Mr Porkies Pork Scratchings Porsche" Sorry the quality is not great it was my first attempt at recording a race replay:

Here's a better Montage Done by "Big G" (one of our members) of the highlights from last season's UKOG leagues, taking in the Porsche Carrera Cup, FTCC, VX220Challenge and Renault Clio Cup:

I recently checked my stats in Forza 2 and with my Playseat and DFX Wheel I have racked up more than 40,000 Miles which is an approximate average of 75 miles a day since June 2007, and that's just with Forza2! I've also been playing GT5P, Ferrari Challenge and before Forza I was playing ToCA Race Driver 2 & 3 with a DFP on PS2 so think I would be a very good candidate to give the Turbo S wheel and damn good thrashing to test it out.

Has anyone tried the Fanatec wheel on Ferrari Challenge? It's great with the DFP so I'd be very interested to hear how it plays with a Fanatec wheel.

Hello Thomas, I would be

Hello Thomas, I would be very proud of being able to work together to test your products, a short gain in pre-order Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel Sportclub,

I follow with great interest the simulated driving on PC,Richard Burns, rFactor, GTR2
I dedicate much of my free time to this passion
are possessor of a self driving seat with racing seat, ergonomically well-curated

Live in Italy (Sardinia) I apologize for my English,


Giuseppe Madeddu

Raudi's picture

Hey Thomas! Saw your posts

Hey Thomas! Saw your posts on and I am very much looking forward to the availability of your wheel for the 360!!!!

My biggest gripe with Forza 2 has been the MS wheel and I have been vocal to Turn10 to push MS to support additional FF wheels every chance I get ;).

I have a G25 for PC and PS3 along with a Playseat Evo setup and feel I am an excellent candidate for a Beta tester as I enjoy racing games on all platforms! (I find myself primarily playing FM2 and Grid currently and can't wait for Race Pro)

Not to give away my age but I was a Beta tester for Spacetech IMC's "Spaceball" controller for PC back in the day of Descent and Quake - LOL They later contracted me to go around to Comp USA stores on weekends to setup and demo the product and participate in Quake tournaments with it.

I'll buy your wheel either way but would love to get one early and can pay for any shipping costs, etc.!



Hallo Thomas, hiermit melde

Hallo Thomas, hiermit melde ich mich auch als Tester! Würde mich freuen wenn es klappt! System: XBox 360! Wir sind eine Community mit 700 Benutzern ab 30 Jahren! Fester Bestandteil sind X30 Super Cup Season geht jetzt in die 4 Season! Ausserdem X30 Fun Cup, Porsche Cup, Langstreckenrennen und diverse andere .... !

X30 PUMA - Andreas

Hi Thomas, werde mich auch

Hi Thomas,

werde mich auch sehr gerne als Tester zur verfügung stellen.
Meine Plattform ist PC, fahre VRTCC,WTCC(Racersleague), Langstreckencup(Racersleague), DTM(
Fahre für DTMR.

viele Grüsse

Michael Endres(DTMR)

You guys have no idea how

You guys have no idea how much I've been waiting for a quality wheel to play Forza 2...but now...with Race Pro coming, it's even better, I hope I'll be able to help you with your product!

This wheel really has my

This wheel really has my attention. I like the MS Wireless Wheel for the 360, but only because it's the best we have. I look forward to following the progress of the 911 wheel. Before now, the best wheel I have ever used is the Logitech DFP on the PS2. This is exciting!

I am very disappointed with

I am very disappointed with the fact that I cannot find the Fanatec products in Greece :-( . I've read the comments on the 911 Turbo Wheel and I really want to try it, but I can't. I hope I will be chosen as a Beta Tester, so I can get my hands on one of these. Not to mention that i would kill to be a Fanatec dealer and deal with this stuff every day :-)

Just wanted to say that the

Just wanted to say that the Clubsport pedals look very cool and can't wait to see or try the Carrera wheel in action :)

Hello all, I just wanted to

Hello all, I just wanted to stop by and say it's great to see someone making a "Racing wheel" for the 360. I have a PS3,360, and a PC but only race on the PS3 and PC because of the lack of a good wheel for the 360. It looks like that's all about to change though and i couldn't be happier. I miss playing Forza 2 and without a good wheel i just couldn't get into it as much as i would to have liked to.

Hallo Thomas, gerne bin ich

Hallo Thomas,
gerne bin ich als co-Teamleder des TEAM DTMR als Betatester für dich auf dem PC unterwegs.

Hi Thomas , als Stammfahrer

Hi Thomas , als Stammfahrer des Team [Fanatec-DTMR]teste ich gerne einige Betaprodukte für dich in der r-Factor-racingleague, race07 und GT5P
MFG Christoph Steffens

Thank you to Fanatec for

Thank you to Fanatec for finally giving all of us on the 360 a chance to have a decent wheel for our games. The MS wheel for what it costs is a joke to be honest and it's good to know that there is finally a wheel coming that will do racing and driving games justice on the 360.

Roll on Race Pro, Forza 3, TDU2 especially now that the 911 Wheel is on it's way!!

All the best.

Hola Thomas, Fanatec and

Hola Thomas, Fanatec and fellow forum members.
I had looked in when email had arrived about possible area support, but alas can't get the time needed to do that job properly and then I look in again and...
That was such fun being on the cutting edge, beta testing! Well still here in Australia, I have noted there is an increasing number of users of the Porsche 911 Turbo wheel on the leagues that I race in. I think this is especially significant as Australia is normally far enough from Europe and US to not take up on these type of equipment, so well done Fanatec!
Put my submission in again for beta testing, hope to help again.

Spinner: Flattop

As a long time PC DFP/G25

As a long time PC DFP/G25 and a frustrated 360 microsoft wheel user this wheel can't come soon enough.
On the PC I race seriously in Live for Speed, GTR, GTR2, RACE & GTR Evolution - and of course for fun in just about any other wheel biased title.
On the 360 not so much these days as the Microsoft wheel has pretty much deterred me as well as Forza's bizarre physics implementation. Bring on RACE Pro (and see how it compares with the PC version.)
I sincerely hope the Porsche wheel will draw me back to racing on the 360.

I can't wait for this wheel

I can't wait for this wheel to come out for the 360. My 3rd Microsoft wheel is now coming to the end of its short just can't take punishment of a couple of hours a day on Forza. And with Race Pro coming soon i think us Xbox users deserve a PROPER wheel!

Hello Fanatec, I live in

Hello Fanatec,
I live in Perth, Western Australia... Yep! The land down under.
It would be privilege to be able to help you guys out and be a Beta Tester.
I only have a PC at the moment but I have quite a high spec computer which I to keep up-to-date myself (details shown below if interested), I also own a Logitech G25 and numerous other high quality products. I love helping in general. I am a very big Porsche fan!
I would be honored to help Fanatec continue it's massive future ahead of it.

Computer Specs:
CPU: Core2Duo E6750 @ 3.50GHz
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
SOUND: 5.1 Surround Sound
MONITOR: 19" @ 1280x1024

Main Driving Games Owned:
Live For Speed S2
Richard Burns Rally
Race Driver: GRID
Need For Speed - All of them except Most Wanted

Thank you for your time,
James Norman

TomCat7's picture

I just want to say thanks

I just want to say thanks for Fanatec developing a high quality wheel for the Xbox 360. The Fanatec Speedster 3 was great for Forza 1 and we needed a quality wheel for Forza 2 and the soon to be Forza 3 racing Sim.

At 70 years old, I'm probably the oldest regular Forza 2 racer on Xbox Live competing in tournaments. You can find me on on the Leaderboard Speedway races. Look for ganer tag "TomCat7".

I definately need a racing wheel to play the sims as I cannot get used to a hand controller. Besides, to get the realism from a sim racing game, you definately need a good quality racing wheel.

I currently use the MS wireless wheel and it is OK, but has it problems.

I would like to be a wheel tester, but I realize that only a few people will be chosen.

I look forward to using the Porsche 911 360 wheel in the upcoming sims of Race Pro and Forza 3.

Happy racing to everyone,
Thomas Phillips

Michael Herrmann's picture

hallo erstmal, wäre gerne

hallo erstmal,

wäre gerne als Tester des Porsche 911 Turbo S Wheel für die 360 unterwegs.
Nach den Enttäuschungen an Lenkrädern für die 360, freu ich mich nun zu lesen , dass Ihr etwas vernünftiges auf die Beine stellt und wäre dabei auch gerne behilflich. Erfahrungen an Lenkräder habe ich ausreichend, da ich vor der 360, viele Jahre auf dem PC mit verschiedenen Lenkräder meine Runden gedreht habe.
Wenn mein Alter von 39 Jahre nicht im Wege steht, würde es mich freuen, von euch zu hören.


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